Take you to a civilized world; help you to discover an e-commerce world and whatsoever nature ACB Visa Debit and MasterCard Dynamic give you – a perfect business trip, a wonderful tour, a happy shopping, and above all others, a comfortable and convenient life. Let these cards serve you well by the way you want it.  



1.     Using credit card in payment and withdrawal:

  • Making payment for goods and services at where Visa, MasterCard are accepted such as supermarkets, outlets, restaurants, hotels, air-ticket agencies, tourist areas, hospitals, clubs, etc in Vietnam and in over 220 countries in the world. 
  • Cash withdrawal can be done at thousands of ATM displaying a Visa, MasterCard logo operating in Vietnam and around the world.
  • Security and convenience with online shopping via internet, telephone.


2.     Savings:
  • Card balance gets daily interest.
  • No require a minimum balance.


3.     Efficiency
  • To be granted overdraft limit by the bank, helping cardholders to get flexibility in using card
  • No longer get risks of carrying too much cash when doing business trip, overseas study, traveling at home and abroad.
  • With ACB Visa Debit/MasterCard Dynamic, cardholders shall be not in fear of torn money, counterfeit money and problems of small change.
  • High security. Card lost does not mean money lost if cardholders immediately keep ACB Card Center informed.
  • No longer care much about currency conversion for traveling, taking business trip at overseas. Vietnamese using VND around the world
  • Customer service 24x7


4.     Other support services:
  • Eligibility for participating in program of Global Health Insurance
  • Bill payments (water, electricity, telephone, insurance fee, cable TV, etc.) by ACB-CallCenter 247
  • Card balance inquiry through website: or create and send message from your mobile phone.
  • Customers can deposit money to their card at anytime and any ACB branch office nationwide, or thanks to Home banking, Mobile banking in order to automatically deduct from their ACB personal account or by ACB-CallCenter247.

Service fees

   -   Annual fee: VND 10,000/card/year

   -   Cash advance fee:

1.   At ACB’s merchants:

      At merchants where cash advance is allowed: 1% of total transaction amount (Min VND 3,000)

      At ACB’s branch office:

  • < VND 30,000,000 per transaction: Free
  • > VND 30,000,000 per transaction: 0.03% of total transaction amount

2.   At other banks’ merchants: 2% of withdrawal amount, Min VND 60,000 



Required documents

  • ID Card (for Vietnamese) or Passport (for foreigners)
  • Application Form for ACB Visa Debit/MasterCard Dynamic (ACB’s form)
  • If cardholders wish to have card overdraft, they shall be required further documents according to ACB’s regulations


  • For further information about products and services, please contact us at:
  • ACB’s branch offices nationwide
  • CallCenter247: (84 8) 38 247 247 – 1800 577 775 (toll-free)
  • Customer Service – Card Center: (84 8) 38 222 022  
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